You are the author to your own story.

Before starting your therapy, it is important to know what to expect and to understand your rights as well as commitments. Psychotherapy is a process of opening up about your life experiences and genuine thoughts in order to increase your self awareness of psychological and emotional conflicts that may keep you stuck in unwanted patterns. My approach to therapy is solution oriented. This means I focus on helping you uncover and highlight your own strengths to find effective solutions to your identified problems. Therapy may involve temporary periods of discomfort as you begin to work through past trauma or confront personal conflicts.

This is your safe space to express yourself and explore personal goals.


Individual therapy is a joint process between therapist and client. This is an opportunity to truly let your voice be heard in a safe, confidential environment, completely free from judgement.

Relationship & Marriage

Communication is key in any relationship. Here, we may explore difficult conversations, learn to effectively communicate, and better understand each other. As Dr. Gottman says, “We repeat what we do not repair.”

Children & Teens

Growing up is difficult, especially in the age of technology. Children need a safe space to explore uncomfortable topics, and sometimes it’s difficult to openly communicate with a parent. In these sessions, I work to build self worth, teach adaptive coping skills, and much more.

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